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Get Help Establishing Guardianship

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Filing for adult guardianship will allow you to protect a parent, senior or disabled child over the age of 18 from exploitation and neglect. If you need a guardianship attorney in Sugar Land, TX, look to Engelhaupt Law Firm PLLC. We can also provide a guardianship mediator to resolve family disputes in the Sugar Land, TX area.

It isn't always easy to prove that an incapacitated adult needs assistance. Your guardianship attorney will provide the necessary documents and evidence to argue on your behalf.

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What are the responsibilities of a guardian?

Becoming a legal guardian comes with several responsibilities. Some of your duties will include:

  • Ensuring their living situation is safe
  • Making decisions about their healthcare
  • Providing social, financial and other basic needs

While an adult guardian is most often a close relative, the law allows for any person to seek guardianship status. A guardianship mediator can help you resolve any legal issues you may be facing.